Yacht fuel trading fzc

We are a new global trading house, but we have traditional values that go back to the roots of oil trading. They encompass the very best of what the industry was built upon. Nuroil Trading is made up of traders with real experience. We have extensive contacts within every link of the product supply chain. They are founded on trust and maintained by always delivering on what we promise. We operate at a high octane pace.

We know that your time genuinely means money. We like to save you both. And our financial strength and liquidity means that we can offer you the best products on the best terms. This leaves you to concentrate on running your business. Our cost-effective range of reinforced bitumen water proofing systems BITUROLL, have been developed to meet the requirements of any flat roofing project. Offering guaranteed performance, specifiers can select high-quality products suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates.

I have been impressed with Nuroil Trading right from the start of our relationship.

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They invested time getting to know company and understanding financial aspirations. They always deliver an efficient and professional service. Thank you! Hope that we will work together in the future also. The service is definitely worth the price. Just rated 5 stars! Will recommend to all our partners and friends!. Prices of bunker fuels and the spreads between them are expected to change rapidly over the next 12 months.Boat Trader App Find your boat today.

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yacht fuel trading fzc

By Zip. Zip Only 10 miles 25 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles Any Distance from.

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District Of Columbia. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. West Virginia. Power-all-power All Power. Aft Cabin. Aluminum Fishing. Antique and Classic. Cargo Ships.Glow Oil was founded in by Mr. Mohanad Hatem Raheema and Mr. Mohammad Hatem Raheema, the owners of the group, who have started working in petroleum field in Iraq. In Mr. Owner has good experience in ports managementGlow oil considers one of the major private trading company ,in field of petroleum refined product such as Gas oilFuel oilNaphthaBase oil ,LPGCondensate … etc.

We have solid relationships with major petroleum refineriesBig Companies and Suppliers like :. Teamwork: Work hand in hand over the property involved responsibilities and results Integrity: To show sincerity and honesty trust and fairness when dealing with all the parties values. Transparency: Achieve integrity and harmony in everything we do from trading, in contact with others simply and clearly and accurately.

Respect: Appreciation and respect for all stakeholders. Focus on customer service: To give importance to customers in everything we do.

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Our experience in operating in oil trade business was from the last 14 years with a joint venture. The Company owns, manages and operates oil tankers of different sizes and types. Meet the needs of the UAE's energy and contribute in supporting economic development Continue to build the necessary criteria in storage facilities and the expansion of trade by exploiting the opportunities for cooperation.

Expanding both the marketing and sales operations and strengthen its business reputation in the target markets.

yacht fuel trading fzc

Safety is always our first priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and to prevent incidents like spills, fires, and accidents.

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We are working to ensure compliance with our safety procedures and tackling the cultural issues that can lead to unsafe behavior. In order to: Ensure safety at sea; Prevent human injury or loss of life; Avoid damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property; Satisfy the contractual requirements and meet the expectation of the Clients; Protect and warn vessels and crew against illegal practices.

Objectives In order to: Ensure safety at sea; Prevent human injury or loss of life; Avoid damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property; Satisfy the contractual requirements and meet the expectation of the Clients; Protect and warn vessels and crew against illegal practices.We export a number of petroleum products to clients globally through our solid relationships and partnerships with petroleum companies and major trading houses in the India, Middle East, Russia, Europe and US.

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We are capable of catering the premium quality products to meet all sort of fuelling requirement. We provide logistical solutions by arranging direct charter of vessels for the transportation of oil from the source of destination. The fleet consist of various sizes of oil tankers and we coordinate shipments around the clock. We have the expertise and capability to deliver on time, right from the time of on loading to offloading at the desired port, and we keep our customers updated round the clock of every step of the journey.

The company brings to the table people from various backgrounds to cater to a diverse range of clients and serve them in the best possible and ethical way.

Premium quality, low sulphur automotive Diesel fuel for high-speed diesel powered engines, generator sets and other industrial applications, which ensures high grade performance levels. We cater all type of lubricating requirements such as Automotive,Industrial,Marine specialty products. With unmatched quality and service, Fuel Trading has proved to be one of the most capable fuel distributors in the area, serving all fields of trade including construction, transport, oil and natural gas drilling operations, manufacturing units and fuel bunkering for vessels and marine industry.

Bioenergia is Fuel Trading oranization who is engaged in the bulk distribution of refined products such as diesel, kerosene, lubricants and petrol in Dubai, India, Europe and Northern Emirates.

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Bioenergia Fzc is open for 24 x 7 through out the year. Company is also ready for fulfillment your immediate requirements with very simple vendor registration process.

Bioenergia Fzc offer you the best competitive price along with CFR quotation with best supply chain management technology. Bioenergia Fzc is derived by the most talented Management along with best technical employees those who are dedicatedly engaged to supply your quality requirements through out the globe. About Us. Leading fuel distributor in UAE. We have served.Established in the yearRoyal Petro Energy initially started as an oil trading company and with years of hard work and its commitment to perfection has, now emerged as one of the leading organisations in the oil trading industry of Middle East.

Our products combine the most advanced technology with ongoing research and development. Being one of the leading traders of petrochemicals in the United Arab Emirates, Royal Petro Energy ensures that each of its products is manufactured with utmost care and precision to produce optimum quality.

The Transformer Oil traded by Royal Petro Energy is a highly refined mineral oil, stable at high temperatures and with excellent electrical insulating properties. It is used in oil-filled transformers, high voltage capacitors and in production of fluorescent lamp ballasts, high voltage switches and circuit breakers. Transformer oil insulates, suppresses corona and arcing and also serves as a coolant. The premium quality Grease manufactured by Royal Petro Energy is used for lubrication under adverse conditions such as high pressure, high working temperature, irregular shock loads and extreme wet or dry conditions.

Additionally, we have also established our transport division in to facilitate trade and make our trading operations smoother and faster for our customers.

yacht fuel trading fzc

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Home About Products. Group of Companies. Get in Touch. All Rights Reserved. View Dashboard.Chemical industry converts raw materials like oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into more than 70, different products that we use in our day-to-day life.

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From energy-efficient homes and more comfortable furniture and bedding, to smoother skin creams, affordable clothing and longer-lasting paints. Chemicals, and the technologies behind how they are made, play a vital role in everyday life. We are the leading chemical products suppliers in Turkmenistan.

yacht fuel trading fzc

Chemicals, such as Crude IodinePotassium Iodide, Bischofiteare used in various sectors, including agriculture manufacturing, construction, service industries.

Chemical industry has also significantly used in re-cycling industries. All fertilizers are divided into organic and mineral. Organic fertilizers are universal, they contain everything necessary nutrition elements for plants. Mineral fertilizers, such as Carbamide Ureacontain many times more nutrients than organic fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers increase the harvest of grain, vegetables and fruit crops.

Fertilizers, and pesticides aids in the agriculture and development. The fertilizers and pesticides, not only increase the yield of the crop, but prevent from pest attacks.

Mineral fertilizers are chemically processed to meet crop requirements and can supply plant nutrients in exact, scientifically formulated quantities. Mineral fertilizers are generally cost effective, but require an upfront investment. Ideally, mineral fertilizers should be used together with organic fertilizers which improve soil structure and the soils water holding capacity. Petroleum products are mixtures of hydrocarbons, as well as individual chemical compounds derived from petroleum and petroleum gases.

Oil products include various types of fuel gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc. In the process of refining petroleum products, humanity receives more than two thousand different products: gasoline, gas, clothing, household chemicals, cellophane, material for candles, paint for books, and so on. About a thousand different lubricants are produced from oil, which are necessary for the proper operation of virtually all mechanisms, ranging from a mixer in our kitchen to steam engines.

Oil products are very widely used in construction paints, bitumen, mastic, various impregnating materials, soft tiles, plasticin agriculture fertilizersin medicine and cosmetology. In construction of buildings and structures used various building materials and products.Are you a prospective buyer or existing owner of a boat in the EU?

Are you looking to import a vessel into an EU member state? Then the issue of VAT is an essential one to consider. It is a tax on what is referred to as consumption and is levied by the government of each member state. VAT is also chargeable on boats, irrespective of ownership, which spend more than 6 months in any calendar year cruising in the EU, although there is scope to enable an owner to use a yacht in the EU without being liable for VAT.


Yacht owners should be aware that each member state has a certain level of discretion as regards the interpretation, implementation, administration and enforcement of the EU legislation regarding VAT. This can cause difficulties in interpretation and of course why different member states charge VAT at different rates. Normally, VAT laws of the member state are enforceable by the relevant customs authority.

Please note, however, that if you spend more than 6 months in some countries you may become subject to local regulations.

Alternatively, you must keep on board the document s issued by Customs or other relevant authority stating the reason for any exemption. A boat built before this date is deemed to have VAT paid status if it was in private ownership and within the EU at midnight on 31 December Proof of this may be required by the local customs and can be difficult to provide as log books, marina receipts or invoices going back that far have often been lost or destroyed or simply not passed on as ownership has changed hands.

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If documentary evidence of the location of the vessel on 31 December cannot be provided you should provide whatever documents you have so that the local customs may form a view as to the location of the boat based on the documents you do have. Some sales have fallen through because such information cannot be provided and a potential buyer has an increased risk of being stopped and fined for a not having a VAT paid boat.

If the yacht is advertised as VAT paid it is important to request documentary evidence of this from the seller or their broker. For yachts built after 1 January the VAT should have been paid by the initial purchaser or importer. Evidence could by way of a receipted invoice or VAT certificate. Ideally you would want the original, but in the absence of this certified copies may be accepted. If the yacht is being sold by a company you will need to check whether it reclaimed any VAT paid when it purchased the yacht and thus the boat is now deemed VAT unpaid — a good point for brokers especially to consider.

If a yacht with VAT paid status is exported from the EU it will usually qualify for relief from having to pay VAT again if it is imported back into the EU within 3 years of its export, provided that it is imported by the same person who exported it, i.

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However, this will not exempt it from any customs duties that maybe apply. If your boat will be exported for more than 3 years you should check the position with customs. VAT is payable on the happening of a chargeable event.

A chargeable event occurs where the yacht is imported into the UK or is sold by a business in the course of its business. If the seller is VAT registered in another member state but the yacht is kept in the UK different rules apply in order to determine whether the VAT is due in the UK or the country of incorporation of the seller.

The general rule in the UK is that if the yacht has increased in value since the date of purchase by the seller, VAT will be due on the amount by which the value has increased, even if VAT was previously paid on the purchase of the yacht and has not been reclaimed.

The buyer will be liable to pay any VAT due.

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